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If you do not get Council Tax Support based on your own circumstances you may be able to get Second Adult Rebate.

Who can claim?

You can claim Second Adult Rebate if you are of State Pension Credit age only and someone (other than your partner) aged over 18 lives with you. The second adult(s) will normally be an adult son(s), daughter(s) or other relative(s) or friend(s).

We cannot award Second Adult Rebate if the other adult(s) living with you pays you rent on a commercial basis. That is, they have a rent book or tenancy agreement or pay you for board and lodgings.

The second adult must also not be a disregarded person for Council Tax. This includes being:

  • a full-time student

  • on a Youth Training scheme

  • treated as severely mental impaired

  • a carer.

For more details on Council Tax discounts and disregarded persons go to our Discounts, Exemptions and Disregards page.

As the Council Tax payer you must also be the only person responsible for the Council Tax where you live. If you have a partner you cannot claim a Second Adult Rebate unless your partner is also a disregard person for Council Tax.

How to claim?

The person responsible for Council Tax must be the person who claims and completes our online Second Adult Rebate claim form.

When you claim Second Adult Rebate we must also see the following details:

  • proof of the National Insurance number for the person claiming

  • two items to prove the identity and residence of the person claiming at the property address

  • income details for each second adult who lives with you (for example: wage slips, Department for Work and Pensions payment books or award letters, interest on any savings they have).

How much Second Adult Rebate can you get?

2023/24 reduction rates

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Second Adult Income % reduction of CT bill
Income Support or JSA (IB) 25%
Total gross income of all second adults of less than £244 per week 15%
Total gross income of all second adults between £244 to £316.99 per week 7.5%
Total gross income of all second adults over £317 per week NIL

Better buy calculation

In some cases the claimant may be entitled to Council Tax Support in their own right and Second Adult Rebate for someone living with them. In these cases we will award the higher of the two support entitlements.

Changes of circumstances

Once you start to receive Second Adult Rebate from us, you must tell us straight away of any changes to your circumstances that may change your entitlement. You can report changes in your circumstances on our Change of Circumstances page.