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You must let us know within 21 days of any changes in your circumstances as this may affect the amount of Council Tax Support you can receive.

Where a change in income or circumstances happens, we will apply these from the date the change happens.

Examples of the type of things you should tell us about:

  • changes to your or your partner’s income, such as earnings or pensions

  • changes to any savings, investments etc you or your partner have (remember the pensioner capital limit is £16,000 and £10,000 for working age)

  • if you move home

  • if you or your partner start/stop working

  • if someone comes to live with you or someone living with you moves out

  • you or partner are going to be away from home for more than four weeks.

If you are not sure what you must tell us about, please tell us anyway and we will let you know if it affects your Council Tax Support.

Use the link below to tell us about changes. The form will also give details of any additional evidence you need to give us, to support your change in circumstances.

Tell us about a change in your circumstances

Once we have recalculated your Council Tax Support, any changes to your entitlement will be applied to your Council Tax account. If this changes the amount to pay, you will be sent a revised Council Tax bill showing the new balance and payment instalments.