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Off Wertheim Way, Stukeley Meadows, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE29 6UH

Stukeley Meadows Local Nature Reserve is an 11 acre site made up of grassland, bramble thickets and wetland next to Stukeley Meadows housing estate in Huntingdon.

The reserve is located between Wertheim Way, Stukeley Road and Ullswater or just on your left as you turn into Wertheim Way.

You can access the reserve from Stukeley Road, Wertheim Way (opposite Homebase on Stukeley Road) or Crummock Water. You can also access the site off Edison Bell Way close to the supermarket and under the railway.

Wildlife and management

The wide variety of habitats on the site provides homes for insects, including butterflies and bush crickets.

Barrack Brook runs through the reserve and, because it appears to be no more than a concrete channel for draining flood water away from the housing estate, its delights are not immediately apparent. On closer inspection, you can spot stickleback fish darting in and out of the watercress-lined edge. Other residents are loaches and, during spring, frogs, toads and even kingfishers have been spotted catching the stickleback.

We have developed a mowing regime to improve the long grass areas and the edges along the banks of the brook and to protect the large numbers of bee orchids found on the reserve.


The site is perfect for a relaxing walk, a bike ride or kite flying and playing football.

Educational opportunities

Schools and groups such as Brownies and Cub Scouts are very welcome to visit the site. The rangers would like to know when you are visiting as we can help with ideas and activities for your group. Please contact us for information.


There is a multi-use games area, a trim trail and a skate park on the site. These are maintained by Huntingdon Town Council.

There are no toilets at the reserve.


The rangers from Hinchingbrooke Country Park hold occasional conservation work parties to look after Stukeley Meadows Nature Reserve and volunteers can help with practical tasks, such as tree and shrub planting and grassland management work. We would welcome volunteers who would like to carry out wildlife surveys, site checking and litter picking.

If you would like further information, please contact our Community Volunteer Coordinator by email at, download an application form [DOCX, 63Kb] [DOCX, 63KB] or pick up an application form from the Visitor Centre at Hinchingbrooke Country Park or Paxton Pits Nature Reserve.