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Streets & Parking

You can use our online forms to report: 

Weed control

Please note Huntingdonshire District Council is not responsible for weed control. Please direct any enquiries you have to Cambridgeshire County Council Grass Cutting.

Fly tipping

Please visit the fly tipping page for further information on how we deal with fly-tipping and to make a report.

Abandoned vehicles

Use the online form below to report an abandoned vehicle. Read the abandoned vehicles page for further information and details on how we deal with abandoned vehicles.

Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Streets issues

Use the online form below to report the following issues:

You can use the map below to check if the issue has already been reported to us. 

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Report a Street Issue

We aim to deal with all these issues within 5 days. If an issue is offensive or hazardous (such as needles) we aim to deal with it within 24 hours of receiving your report.

Damage to council property

Use the online form below to report damage to the following council property: 

  • benches
  • bollards
  • bus shelters
  • car park barriers and surfaces
  • CCTV cameras
  • footbridges
  • life buoys
  • pavilions
  • pay and display ticket machines
  • planters
  • play equipment
  • seats
  • skate parks
  • toilets
  • watercourses
Report Damage to Council Property

Street name plates

To report damage to street name plates please use the form below.

Report a Damaged or Missing Street Name Plate

Please note that we do not maintain all types of equipment and assets - some are owned by parish and town councils. Where possible we will pass on your report to these councils. However, we cannot pass on your details so they will be unable to update you unless you get in touch with them directly.