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Streets & Parking

We have powers to remove graffiti on public buildings, public open spaces, street name plates and graffiti that is offensive. Offensive graffiti includes graffiti which is racist, sexist, obscene or inflammatory.

We do not have powers to remove graffiti from private property (including utilities boxes), unless it is offensive.

How do I report graffiti?

Public buildings and offensive graffiti

If you see graffiti on public buildings or offensive graffiti you can:

Report Graffiti Online

Road signs

To report graffiti on a road sign, contact Cambridgeshire County Council’s Highways Department on 0345 045 5212.

Utilities boxes

There should be information stickers on utilities boxes that give the contact details of the utility company responsible for removing the graffiti. If there are no stickers on the boxes, the key contact numbers are as follows:

If you are not sure who owns a utility box, you will find that most boxes have a manhole cover in front of them - this will show the name of the company that owns the box.

Private property

We do not offer a service to remove graffiti from private property. It is the responsibility of the land or property owner to arrange for its removal. 

Important points to remember when reporting graffiti

  • Take a note of the location - the more specific you can be the better

  • Is it offensive?

When will you respond?

We will respond within 24 hours for offensive graffiti and five working days for graffiti on public buildings.