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We are currently dealing with an upgrade to our website that includes various maps. These include Conservation Area and Listed Buildings, Tree Preservation Orders and Flood Alleviation. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Holding a street party

Traditional street parties are a good way to bring the community together.

If you want to organise a street party and don't know where to start, Streets Alive, a not-for-profit organisation, has lots of useful information on its website.

If you want to hold a street party in Huntingdonshire, there are a number of things you need to do, and these vary depending on the size of the planned event.

If you are planning a small, private street party or fete then you do not need to notify us. However, if you are planning a larger or commercial event please view our Event Safety Advisory Group information.

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Street Parties and Fetes Other Public Events
  • for residents/neighbours only
  • publicity to residents only
  • in a residential road or street
  • no licences normally needed
  • no formal risk assessment needed, unless a road closure is required
  • self-organised 
  • the event will be publicised only to residents
  • there will be no entry charge for the event
  • anyone can attend
  • external publicity (such as in newspapers)
  • licence usually needed
  • insurance needed
  • risk assessment common

Road closures

If you wish to close a road you will need to apply via Cambridgeshire County Council.


If organising a small, private street party or fete, generally you do not need a licence. However, if you are publicising a programme of bands, live music etc or are charging for tickets, entrance or alcohol, you need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice licenceThis may not then be considered a street party.


We do not require you to have public liability insurance, but we advise that you do. More information about insurance is available on


As a private party, you do not need a licence under the Licensing Act 2003 to sell food (unless you want to sell hot food or drink after 11pm).

Clean up

Make sure you clean up afterwards.