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Document Scanning and Viewing

We are carrying out planned system maintenance from 2pm Friday 29 September until 5pm Monday 2 October. We will have limited ability to answer all enquiries in full and will be unable to scan documents at our council office during this period.

Public Access will still be available to view Planning documents, however not all documents will be visible until the maintenance is complete.

Developer contributions may be required to pay for, or contribute towards, the cost of additional infrastructure and services needed as a result of new development.

The Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) 2011 [PDF, 2MB] details our policy for securing developer contributions from new developments that require planning permission. It also:

  • explains the relationship between developer contributions and the Community Infrastructure Levy and
  • provides guidance on the types of contribution that will be sought and the basis for charges.

The Developer Contributions Updated Costs document [PDF, 0.2MB] sets out the updated costs for outdoor sports facilities and landscape maintenance rates.

Our annual reports are included in the Infrastructure Funding Statements:

All residential developments for new dwellings are also required to complete the Unilateral Undertaking for Wheeled Bin Contributions Template [PDF, 0.2MB] and submit this once the application has been accepted and a reference number allocated.

View the Unilateral Undertaking Privacy Notice.

Application to Modify or Discharge a Planning Obligation