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The council wants staff to deliver its activities and services effectively and efficiently, and to provide excellent service to its customers by 'Putting the Customer First'. To deliver this, the council needs to have values that drive improvement on a continuous basis and support staff as they go through changes in how services are delivered. These values will help to guide our decision-making in all that we do.

Our values, known as icare, will be embedded into the organisation. icare fits with the future ambitions of the council and will be a key enabler so that we can deliver the Corporate Plan. We expect icare to lead to a change in the culture of the organisation and we want prospective employees to understand what is expected of them and why when they join us.

icare will inspire us all, enable us to deliver an exceptional customer experience, drive the way we behave day-to-day and be future-proof. icare will mean that the council is forever evolving and will drive the organisation forward to deal with the challenges we know it will face and ensure we attract and retain staff who can deliver against this future need.

icare is at the core of our organisation and distinguishes our organisation from others - we want to be an employer choice. The values will underpin our policies, objectives, procedures and strategies by providing an initial reference point.

icare will contribute to provide a positive customer experience and HDC will offer more than just good service.

icare will help create a modern council that puts its customers first; deliver what our customers want; and ultimately will make our organisation thrive by 'Putting the Customer First'.

A number of approaches will make sure icare matters to all our staff; making icare visible across the council, supporting managers and officers in delivering icare across the organisation; recognising good performance; and working with each other, our partners and our customers and placing icare at the forefront of all that we do.

Inspiring - We have genuine pride and passion for public service; doing the best we can for our customers.

Collaborative - We achieve much more by working together, and this allows us to provide the best service for customers.

Accountable - We take personal responsibility for our work and our decisions, and we deliver on our commitments to customers.

Respectful - We respect people's differences and are considerate to their needs.

Enterprising - We use drive and energy to challenge the norm and adapt to changing circumstances. We are always ready for challenges and opportunities, and we embrace them.