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Bins & Waste

What is an assisted collection?

An assisted collection is when we collect your bin from its normal storage place, empty it into the lorry and then return it to its storage place. You do not need to take the bin to the edge of your property.

Can I apply for an assisted collection?

Assisted collections are available to people who can’t take their bins out themselves and there is no other person living at the household who is able to help.

We can help you take your bin out if you are elderly, disabled, infirm or visually impaired.

We can only provide assisted collections if the bins (or sacks) are stored on the ground floor.

How do I apply for an assisted collection?

Apply for an Assisted Collection

Or call us on 01480 388640.

Other help

If you do not want an assisted collection but still need help, a smaller wheeled bin may be better for you? The smaller bin is the same height as a regular bin but is narrower and holds less waste, making it lighter. If you would like to request to swap your bin for a smaller bin, please fill in the online form.