If you think there is a possibility you may be made homeless, it is best that you get advice as soon as possible to:

  • try and prevent your homelessness

  • find out about your housing rights and options

  • find out what help we can offer you if you become homeless.

Please call us on 01480 388218 or email housingservices@huntingdonshire.gov.uk for advice and guidance from one of our advisers. If needed, you will be offered a follow-up appointment, which may include a home visit where necessary.

If you are homeless as a result of an emergency outside of our normal office hours, call 01480 434167.

When am I classed as homeless?

You may be classed as homeless if you:

  • have nowhere to live in the UK or anywhere else in the world

  • are staying somewhere where you have no legal right to remain

  • have a home but are afraid of violence, abuse, harassment or threats.

Shelter: Legal definition of homeless

What will the council do to help?

We will provide advice to anyone but not everyone is entitled to help with emergency accommodation or long-term accommodation.

You may only be able to receive help if you have evidence that you:

  • are homeless or threatened with homelessness and

  • are eligible for assistance and

  • have a priority need and

  • did not become homeless intentionally and

  • have a local connection with the district.

Shelter: Are you eligible for help?

We use electronic scanners to check and verify identity documents from all customers applying to access council services. We will scan documents with a product called Trust ID

What is a priority need?

You have a priority need if you:

  • have dependent children living with you as part of your household

  • are a pregnant woman or have a pregnant woman living with you in your household

  • have become homeless because of a fire, flood or other emergency

  • are 16 or 17 years old and social services does not have responsibility for you

  • are aged 18 to 20 and used to be in care or

  • are assessed as being vulnerable because you are likely to be more at risk than the average person if you do become homeless.

Shelter: Priority need

What is a local connection?

You have a local connection if:

  • you have lived in Huntingdonshire for a certain amount of time

  • you have a permanent job in Huntingdonshire

  • certain members of your family have lived in Huntingdonshire for a specified length of time

  • you have a local connection for another special reason.

If you have a priority need, are not intentionally homeless and do not have a local connection to Huntingdonshire, then you will usually be referred to a council in an area where you do have a local connection. We will ask that authority to find accommodation for you.

Shelter: Do you have a local connection?

Intentionally homeless

Intentionally homeless means that you left accommodation that you could have stayed in or you did something or failed to do something that resulted in you losing your home.

These could include:

  • failing to pay rent
  • acting in an anti-social way.

Shelter: Are you intentionally homeless?