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Upgrade of Interactive Maps

We are currently dealing with an upgrade to our website that includes various maps. These include Conservation Area and Listed Buildings, Tree Preservation Orders and Flood Alleviation. We apologise for any inconvenience.


A new shadow cabinet for Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) was announced at a Full Council meeting on Wednesday 20 July.

The new nine-member team is made up of Huntingdonshire Conservative Group Leader, Cllr Jonathan Gray, along with eight other councillors, each responsible for a different portfolio.

The shadow cabinet and their portfolios are:

  • Shadow Cabinet Member for Place, Economy and Jobs – Cllr Jonathan Gray

  • Shadow Cabinet Member for Planning – Cllr Jon Neish

  • Shadow Cabinet Member for Community and Health – Cllr Simon Bywater

  • Shadow Cabinet Member for Climate and Regeneration – Cllr Stephen Cawley

  • Shadow Cabinet Member for Waste, Street Scene and Open Spaces– Cllr Marge Beuttell

  • Shadow Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources – Cllr Andrew Jennings

  • Shadow Cabinet Member for Corporate and Shared Services – Cllr David Keane

  • Shadow Cabinet Member for Customer and Transactional Services– Cllr Kevin Gulson

  • Shadow Cabinet Member for Leisure and Active Lifestyles – Cllr Douglas Dew

Cllr Jonathan Gray commented: "The council elections in May marked the start of a new era at HDC. Whilst the Conservatives are the largest party on the council, we recognise the will and democratic right of all the other parties to work together in a Joint Administration.

"By appointing specific councillors to serve in a Shadow Cabinet, I am signalling that we take our role of formally examining and scrutinising the new Administration seriously. We will do our best to bring a positive contribution to policy formulation and decision-making: experienced councillors shadowing the new Cabinet members should encourage this.

"The people of Huntingdonshire want their councillors to collaboratively work together in their best interests. They have my commitment that Huntingdonshire Conservatives will do exactly that."