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#ActiveHunts is a campaign which supports residents to improve their health, mental health and wellbeing.

This campaign will highlight the 'pledge/challenge' that people can make/take on to improve their wellbeing by taking part in a wellbeing score survey via The Training Shed.

This survey involves 20 questions about an individual’s daily nutrition, health habits and analyses functional movement abilities.

How can I find out my wellbeing score?

Fill out this survey

How can I improve my wellbeing score?

You will receive a PDF 'Results Guide' with top tips after you have completed the survey and there is lots on offer in Huntingdonshire that you can explore:

How can I get help with my emotional wellbeing so I can improve my score?

Support is available if you are struggling with your emotional wellbeing. We know how important it is to look after your mental health, which in turn, will help to improve your overall wellbeing. Access our health and wellbeing support services.

Can I challenge my friends and family to get involved?

Yes, you can. You can do this by sharing your score on social media after filling out the survey and making a pledge of how you’re going to improve your score. Use #ActiveHunts and challenge your friends and family to share their score too!

You can also tag us in your posts so that we can share your pledges: