The Inspector issued the timetable for the Hearing Sessions.

Following the hearings a number of actions were agreed.

Further documentation submitted during the examination of the Local Plan can be found on the Documents Library page.

Matters 1-15: Statements

Matter 1: Procedural and Legal Requirements

Matter 2: The Duty to Cooperate

Matter 3: Development Strategy

Matter 4: Overall Provision for Housing

Matter 5: Building a Strong, Competitive Economy

Matter 6: Proposed Site Allocations - Huntingdon Spatial Planning Area

Matter 7: Proposed Site Allocations - St Neots Spatial Planning Area

Matter 8: Proposed Site Allocations - St Ives Spatial Planning Area

Matter 9: Proposed Site Allocations - Ramsey Spatial Planning Area

Matter 10: Proposed Site Allocations - Key Service Centres

Matter 11: Proposed Site Allocations - Local Service Centres

Matter 12: The Supply and Delivery of Housing Land

Matter 13: Strengthening Communities

Matter 14: Requiring Good Design

Matter 15: Conserving and Enhancing the Environment