We have started preparing a new Local Plan to cover the period up to 2036. The new plan will replace the existing development plan documents, including the Core Strategy (2009), the Huntingdon West Area Action Plan (2011) and the saved policies of the Local Plan (1995) and the Local Plan Alteration (2002).

The purpose of the plan is to set out:

  • the strategy for development in the whole of Huntingdonshire
  • policies for managing development 
  • details of sites for development to meet the needs of Huntingdonshire.

The proposed programme for producing the Local Plan to 2036 can be found in the Local Development Scheme. The programme includes key milestones to inform you about opportunities to get involved in the plan-making process. The Local Development Scheme was published in March 2017.

Latest news

Consultation on a further Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment has now started.

This consultation includes an assessment of new sites submitted in this summer's Call for Sites consultation. Comments on this document can be made until 4.30pm on 3 November 2017.


The following stages have been completed:

Stage 1: February to June 2012: Scoping and Initial Issues and Options

This started with consultation on a draft Sustainability Scoping Report, as part of the Sustainability Appraisal process. This was followed by an Issues and Options consultation. This was a non-statutory initial introductory consultation designed to raise awareness of key issues and potential options focused on housing growth.

Stage 2: August to November 2012: Strategy and Policy Consultation

This was the first consultation to seek views on issues and options such as how many homes should be planned for as well as more detailed comment on draft site allocations and policies to manage development. It included a draft strategy, place-based policies, potential development sites, development management policies and draft sustainability appraisal.

Stage 3: May to July 2013: Draft Local Plan

This stage started with a consultation on the first complete draft of the Local Plan, taking into account responses received during previous stages and incorporating sites put forward where they contribute to the strategy.

Some additional sites were put forward by developers and landowners for development during the initial Stage 3 consultation. These sites were assessed in the Environmental Capacity Study: Additional Site Assessments which was consulted on from November to December 2013. Comments were considered with the other responses received on the Stage 3 documents and have been used to help shape the next stage of preparing the Local Plan to 2036.

Stage 4: Started January 2015

Preparation of the Proposed Submission Local Plan started with targeted engagement with key stakeholders between January and March 2015.

Some additional sites were put forward by developers and landowners for development during the Targeted Consultation and during the period since then. These sites were assessed in the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment: Additional Sites Consultation 2016, which was consulted on from 26 September to 7 November 2016.

We recently consulted on a document that considered the council's options for whether and how to identify areas of Huntingdonshire as 'suitable' for wind energy development. The document was produced in response to the provisions set out in the Written Ministerial Statement issued by Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, on 18 June 2015. To view and download the document, please go to the Planning Consultation Portal.