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 Land Charge Item Current (£) 
Basic residential search fee   106.00
Basic commercial search fee  154.96
LLC1 - one parcel of land   16.00
LLC1 - each additional parcel of land  4.00
Residential standard enquiries - CON29 - one parcel of land   90.00
Residential standard enquiries - CON29 - each additional parcel of land  30.00
Commercial standard enquiries - CON29 - one parcel of land  138.96
Commercial standard enquiries - CON29 - each additional parcel of land   48.24
CON29 - each enquiry (except questions 8, 16, 22.1 and 22.2)   7.20
CON29 - additional question 8 9.60
CON29 - additional question 16 10.80
CON29 - additional question 21 10.80
CON29 - additional question 22 15.60
Solicitors - each enquiry 11.00

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Please ensure that you provide the appropriate fee when submitting your application for a search as your application will be returned if the fee is not correct.

You can make a payment via debit/credit card by calling us on 01480 388043.

Please make any cheques payable to Huntingdonshire District Council.

Fee changes for local searches

HM Revenue and Custom's (HMRC) requirement for councils to introduce VAT for local searches, from 1 February 2016, has been postponed. Therefore, we will no longer be amending our search fees on this date. However, we will continue to prepare for the VAT charging and will let you know, at the earliest possible opportunity, when an implementation date has been confirmed by HMRC.

Copies of documents

We can provide copies of registration documents of items on the Local Land Charges Register, such as:

  • Section 106 agreements

  • Section 52 agreements

  • Section 33 agreements

We charge an administration fee of £10 per document.

Request Document Copies