In July 2016, Huntingdonshire District Council submitted an Expression of Interest (EoI) to explore a potential garden village at Sibson Aerodrome. The submission was in response to the government’s Locally-Led Garden Villages, Towns and Cities prospectus. The government invited EoIs in relation to "land currently allocated for housing or currently outside the Local Plan." Sibson Aerodrome is the latter, being outside the Local Plan. The EoI was not a commitment by the council to support the development, but instead expressed a desire to explore the opportunities that the proposal might present. At that time it was recognised that there were a large number of issues and impacts that would all need to be explored further and considered.

The first successful garden village bids were announced on Monday 2 January 2017 and Sibson was not one of them. The government has instead offered support to the council to explore the proposal further. However, the council has decided to concentrate its capacity and expertise on its currently planned developments and the delivery of its new Local Plan. The council will not therefore be proactively exploring this proposal further.

Executive Leader Cllr Robin Howe said "Huntingdonshire continues to be at the forefront of transformational growth and the council expressed an interest in exploring a potential garden village at Sibson Aerodrome. It is, however, increasingly evident that the challenge of delivering the currently planned developments and the new Local Plan cannot be underestimated, and these will be the council’s priorities, and thus will not be supporting the Sibson garden village proposal."