Huntingdonshire District Council is looking for people who have suitable land on which to plant small woods or copses to encourage wildlife and enhance the landscape. Unfortunately there are a number of tree diseases in the area which are damaging or will kill a significant percentage of our existing trees. You can help by planting young trees now to grow up to be the mature landscape trees of the future.

A variety of native tree species are available for free and the majority of them have been grown from seed collected from local ancient woodlands by volunteers. The trees have been grown in Huntingdonshire Community Plant and Tree Nursery and are now ready to plant out. The trees are adapted to our soil and climate conditions and provide excellent food and shelter for our native birds, mammals and insects. Preference will be given to those sites which are visible from a public viewpoint, but this is not an exclusive requirement if a suitable site is offered. The number of trees available range from 10-500.

Tree species offered include oak, field maple, crab apple, wild and bird cherry, wild plum and alder. The trees are between 40-100 cms tall, depending on the species. Rabbit protection and biodegradeable mulch mats will also be supplied.

If you are interested in participating in the scheme, please contact Bridget Halford at the District Council on 07917 554057 to discuss your ideas.