What's New and Changing

Vehicle licensing

New procedure for testing and plating vehicles

Please note that from 19 November 2018 there will be a new system for the testing and issuing of vehicle plates and licences.

From this date all new and existing licences will be required to contact our approved garage directly to book the vehicle for a test before an application can be made.

Garage details: Adams Autos (6 Venture Court, Edison Road, St Ives, PE27 3JX) - 01480 494621 or book online

In line with MOT standards, you are permitted to take your vehicle to be tested up to one calendar month before the expiry of your plate without losing any remaining period on your vehicle licence.

Once the vehicle has passed the test and been issued with a Certificate of Compliance (CoC), the garage will submit your application and test documents electronically to the Licensing Team for verification.

Important Note: vehicles that do not pass the CoC test before the expiry of the existing licence will be treated as a new application and must meet all the requirements of the Taxi Licensing Policy and Conditions.

What you need to take with you when attending the vehicle test:

  • the completed application form (please note that the operator details should be completed and signed by the operator)
  • registration document (log book/V5 document) or S10 of the V5 document
  • insurance certificate with appropriate level of cover for use as a licensed vehicle
  • the most recent Certificate of Compliance, if applicable
  • a valid Huntingdonshire private hire/hackney carriage drivers badge.

Failure to take the correct documents (originals only) will result in the test being void and all fees will be forfeited.

Once we have approved the documents, a plate will be ready for collection and payment in three working days at Pathfinder House, Huntingdon.

When collecting your new plate you must return the expired plate (renewals only).

For further information please go to our frequently asked questions on plating vehicles.

You may also wish to view the flowchart for vehicle applications.

Driver licensing

From 1 December 2018 we will start a transition from issuing 1 year licences to 3 year licences.

Currently DBS checks are done on a 3 year basis - when your driver licence comes due for renewal we will offer a pro rata licence to bring your driver renewal and your DBS renewal dates into line for the future.

If you are on the DBS update service, a 3 year licence will be issued.

This will mean that we will no longer be able to accept applications via email or through the post. All renewal applicants will need to make an appointment to visit our offices to submit an application and organise the pro rata licence.

For further details please read our frequently asked questions.

You may also wish to view the flowchart on driver renewals.

Licensing Committee approves new Taxi Licensing Policy and Conditions

On 17 October the Licensing and Protection Committee approved a new Taxi Licensing Policy and Licensing Conditions to come into effect on 1 January 2019.

We strongly recommended that all existing and prospective applicants read the documents to see how it will affect you in the future.

View the Taxi licensing policy and conditions

New Taxi Licensing Policy to be introduced

After consultation in late 2017, we are planning to introduce a new licensing policy and conditions, subject to final approval, in January 2019.

The key changes are:

  • introduction of a knowledge/competency test for all new applicants
  • mandatory safeguarding training for all new and existing drivers
  • introduction of a maximum 5 year age policy when a vehicle is licensed for the first time
  • more stringent convictions policy
  • introduction of door signage on all vehicles
  • requirement for operators to have a complaints policy
  • changes to medical examination frequencies
  • requirement for all drivers and operators to sign up to the DBS update service as part of the renewal application.


  • introduction of a knowledge/competency test for all new applicants
  • safeguarding training to be introduced for all new and existing drivers
  • new relevance of convictions policy
  • all drivers to sign up for the DBS update service at next renewal
  • introduction of medical checks every 6 years (in line with licence renewal)
  • driver code of conduct.


  • introduction of a 5 year maximum age of all vehicles at first grant of a licence
  • introduction of mandatory door signage
  • guidance on use of CCTV in vehicles
  • changes to rules around replacement vehicles
  • clear guidance on vehicle standards and maintenance
  • removal of conditions restricting advertising of mobile numbers
  • clear guidelines on specifications for wheelchair accessible vehicles.


  • requirement to develop a complaints policy
  • removal of conditions restricting use of mobile phones
  • removal of requirement to have a land line telephone number
  • clarity on where an office or satellite office can be based.

This is not an exhaustive list and the policy and conditions should be read if you are, or intend to be, licensed by Huntingdonshire District Council for any purpose relating to taxi or private hire licensing.

New fees and charges

Approval was given at the Licensing and Protection Committee on 17 October 2018 to review all fees relating to taxi licencing and to introduce fees for 3 year driver and 5 year operator fees. These new fees will be advertised and are planned to be introduced on 1 December 2018. The new fees are below.

Fees valid 1 December 2018 to 31 March 2019

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Estimated 2017/18 (£) From 1/12/2018 (£) Notes
Hackney carriage and private hire vehicles      
Driving licences      
Initial issue 81 175 3 yearly licence
Renewal 46 120 3 yearly licence
DVSA check 1 7  
Knowledge and competency check 0 55  
Replacement badge/licence n/a 10  
1 year licence (where determined by delegation) n/a 81  
Safeguarding training n/a 30  
Vehicle licences (valid 1 year)      
Private hire - initial grant 246 256 Includes signs*
Private hire - renewal 246 195  
Hackney carriage - initial grant 246 256 Includes signs*
Hackney carriage - renewal 246 195  
Garage test - hackney carriage n/a 60.50 Includes meter test
Hackney carriage meter test 15 15  
Garage test - private hire and hackney carriage saloon n/a 45.50 Plates 1-45
Re-test Cost + 45.50  
Administration fee 5 n/a Split to tasks
Replacement brackets n/a 15  
Replacement of plates 14 20  
Transfer of interest 7 20  
Door signs - magnetic n/a 20 Per pair
Door signs - permanent n/a 15 Per pair
Private hire operators licences      
Initial issue 118 495 5 yearly licence
Renewal 118 400 5 yearly licence
1 year licence (were permitted) 118 125  
Driver's identification badges 118 125  
Change of name/address/vehicle detail etc n/a 10  

* fee includes permanent affixed signs, for magnetic signs add £10.