What is the Community Right to Bid? 

The Community Right to Bid aims to keep valued buildings or land in use by your community. It gives local community groups the opportunity to nominate buildings or other land to be included on our list of Assets of Community Value (ACV).

An asset should contribute to the community’s social well-being or social interests. Once on the register, if an asset comes up for sale or lease, a community group has a period of time in which they can register their interest as a potential bidder, delaying a sale on the open market.

List of Assets of Community Value - Nominations

We maintain lists of successful and unsuccessful nominations that are updated as decisions on nominations are confirmed.

View list of Assets of Community Value (successful nominations)

View list of unsuccessful nominations

Who can nominate?

Only certain groups are able to nominate an asset and there is specific information that needs to be included with any nomination.

The list of groups and limitations can be viewed on our nomination form.

How can I nominate?

Before nominating an asset, please check whether it has been nominated before.

View list of Assets of Community Value (successful nominations)

View list of unsuccessful nominations 

Download Nomination Form

Once completed the form can be returned by email (preferred) or post (address details are within the form).

How long does a decision take?

You will receive a decision within eight weeks.

Who is told about a nomination?

We are required to inform owners and occupants and parish/town councils that we have received a nomination.

The decision will be shared with the nominees, owners and occupants and parish/town councils

How long does an asset stay on the register?

An asset can remain on the register for up to five years.

We will notify the nominees, owners and occupants and parish/town councils when an asset is removed from the list.

Who can appeal a decision and how?

Only the owner of the asset can appeal a decision for an asset to be listed. Details of how to appeal will be included in the letter confirming the listing.

What happens if the owner decides to sell?

If anything on the list of Assets of Community Value comes up for sale or lease (freehold or a lease of at least 25 years) then the owner must notify us.

We will then notify the nominee and the parish/town council and will publicise this in the local area.

A six week period will then start, in which the asset can only be sold/leased to a community group.

During this period, any community interest groups may make a written request to the council to be treated as a potential bidder.

If a request is received in time, this period can then be extended to six months, providing additional time for the group to raise funds and put together a bid to buy the asset.

These rights do not restrict the sale price and they do not give community organisations a right of first refusal.

After the restricted period has expired the owner of a listed asset can sell their property to any buyer for the remainder of an 18-month protected period.

Right to Bid and planning, including restrictions on public houses

A building or plot of land’s nomination and designation as an ACV is a material planning consideration, which we will take into account in planning decisions.

There are particular planning restrictions on pubs (class A4 (drinking establishments)) which are listed as an ACV. A pub listed as an ACV cannot change use under permitted development rights, but instead must apply for planning permission. The permitted development rights which are not available for ACV or nominated pubs are:

  • change to a shop
  • change to a restaurant or cafe
  • change to financial and professional services premises
  • change to a temporary state-funded school for a maximum of one academic year
  • change to be used as flexible financial and professional services premises, restaurant or cafe or business premises for a maximum two year period or
  • to be demolished.

Before any change of use or demolition can take place, a developer must obtain confirmation from us that it has not been nominated for listing. Please email acv@huntingdonshire.gov.uk to request confirmation.

For a pub not currently listed as an ACV, the permitted development rights will be disapplied for 56 days from the date that the developer makes a written request to confirm whether the building has been nominated. If a nomination for listing as an ACV is received during this period then the permitted development rights will remain disapplied until we make a decision on the nomination (up to eight weeks from receipt of the nomination). If the asset is not nominated during the 56 days, or the nomination is unsuccessful, the proposed work can take place – provided it does so within one year from the request date.

Once listed as an ACV, permitted development rights for pubs remain disapplied for five years, even if the pub is sold and removed from the ACV register.

View the list of pubs that are currently or have previously been nominated for listing as an Asset of Community Value